Trade or Sell Your Boat

Trade Your Boat

Have you outgrown your current boat? Is it simply just time for the newest in boating technology? At Duncan’s Boats, used boat sales are a big part of our business. The best way for us to obtain used boats is to offer top dollar for your trade. Fill out the trade form and let us tell you what it is worth on a trade.


If you are considering selling your boat, consider the advantage of brokering your rig through our professional dealership. There are many advantages to brokering (consigning) your boat through us. Fill out the trade form to let us discuss these advantages in greater detail.

  • DEALERSHIP: Buyers look to dealerships as a first and trusted source for boat purchases. Our Certified Dealership status gives buyers the confidence that they lack as compared to buying from an individual. Also, most buyers coming to our store looking at new boats inquire about used boat options similar to the new boat under consideration. This puts more contacts in touch with your boat.
  • EVALUATION: We perform a trade evaluation and make recommendations for what it will take to get top dollar for your boat. This again provides a level of confidence to the buyer.
  • MARKETING: We already have several advertising and marketing options available utilizing several internet websites, social media, boat show exposure and more.
  • STORAGE: Since we have our own lot, in most cases, you do not need to maintain storage at your local marina or dry stack. We do not charge storage for boats on brokerage.
  • CLEANLINESS: We will maintain the cleanliness of your boat while it is on our lot.  Clean boats sell better.
  • EXPERTISE: Since we have been in business since 1970, we know boat sales and will advise you how to get top dollar for your boat.
  • ON WATER DEMOS: Since we are located on the Ashley River, it is easy for us to do on water demos with qualified potential buyers.
  • FINANCING/INSURANCE: We offer in house financing and insurance options to all potential customers.
  • HASSLE FREE: We take care of all of the details so that you do not have to deal with the hassle. We get the buyers qualified and perform on water demonstrations to qualified buyers. There is no need for you to have to get off of work or meet potential customers.

At Duncan’s Boats, we only charge a 10% commission and we work hard to get your boat sold as quickly as possible. We will keep it clean and presentable throughout the process. If you are considering selling your boat, give us a call today. We will evaluate your boat’s value and potential for sale based several criteria and agree to a selling price before making an agreement to sell.


    • Typically, we will not broker boats that are are not similar to the types of boats that we normally sell. We pride ourselves on our expertise in the areas of family runabouts, cruisers, deckboats,  center consoles and bay boats.
    • As a general rule, we prefer only to list boats less than 10 years old. Once sold, any issues will be our issues, not yours.
    • After the trade evaluation, we will make recommendations as to what items should be addressed prior to listing the boat on the market.
    • The minimum brokerage fee is $2,000.

Fill out the form below to get your free valuation.

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